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Shop For Gifts With Hampers With Bite

Posted by on Jul 29, 2015

giftbakethamperAre you stuck trying to come up with an original gift idea? Does your wife say she doesn’t like flowers, but it’s her birthday and you have to come up with something? Did a friend just give birth to a baby? Lots of people dislike cut flowers, especially the mess when they die, and you can’t do anything but look at them. Hardly anyone would say “no” to a hamper full of carefully chosen goodies, however. That’s where our sponsor Hampers With Bite comes in.

This Australian company sells pre-made and customer-ordered hampers costing from $16 and up. Spend as little or as much as you like — up to $400. Delivery is free anywhere in Australia. Find out what could be inside the hamper you choose. It could be a collection for two with the fixings for a romantic anniversary picnic or all you need for a small beach party including drinks.

Selections from the Pantry

The most popular items inside any hamper at are chocolate, wine, and beer. They feature in many of the products they make either individually or combined. There are numerous chocolate bouquets, chocolate-wine combinations, and party-style hampers containing snack foods to go with a few bottles of beer. Other items you can order include teddy bears, nuts, and cookies. If you want to order multiple hampers, hamperswithbite invites you to create your own. They also offer corporate wine labeling.

Brands in the Bouquet

Hamperswithbite has selected just a few popular, quality items from names like Lindt, Cadbury’s, and Hershey’s, for instance. Order a hamper containing Curly Wurlys, Picnic and Cherries, or Freddo. As for non-chocolate items, Moet, Epicure, Carr’s, and Snackers are all featured among other well-known labels Australians love.

Themed Hampers

Select a hamper for a woman in your life or a male you care about. Choose a gift for a wedding anniversary, or someone who needs a bit of cheering up during an illness. Select a Christmas hamper filled not only with yummy treats but decorated in Christmas colors with appropriate floral touches and some baubles for the tree.

The Ultimate Gift Hamper

The most expensive gift hamper at is their Ultimate, priced $400. This fantastic item contains:

• 3 bottles of wine
• a bottle of whiskey
• various seasonings
• several types of cookies
• Christmas pudding
• a cake
• pretzels and other savory snacks
• olives
• mango liquorice

This might be a gift for one family or for a whole staff to share one holiday season as they work late to finish a project. A food-and-drink hamper would be received with more gratitude than a bouquet of flowers when staff is working over time.